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Stop letting pain dictate how you live your life.
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Why Fully Aligned?

Do you long to be the best version of yourself, but have no idea how?
Do you love to play sports competitively but feel that you cant reach your absolute potential?
Are you telling yourself "I don't want to feel this way anymore", or "I want to get better but I feel stuck" and you are about to give up on searching for answers?

I've been through hopelessness and depression, disappointment and loneliness. But I overcame it.

Now I want you to see what you can't yet see, there is hope for you! You are of extreme value, You matter and I want to help You.

You can live the successful life you desire to live and more! It is possible to live a fulfilling life, fully aligned in love, joy and peace. You can overcome any struggles, disease, and pain and the solution lies inside of you.

I would love to help you find it. I can provide the key to unlock your hidden potential.

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Satisfied clients are of the utmost importance to me

President Favara - Central Christian School
"Finally, a fitness coach that recognizes I am not a genetically engineered twenty-something that lives, eats, and breaths diet and weights. Instead of just pushing a one size fits all answer, common to these online fitness junkies, Sebastian was able to use his vast knowledge and experience to tailor a plan designed for my needs, my body type, and my goals. Great coach!"
Matias Nuñes - Soccer Player
"As a college athlete, I was lucky to have a coach like Sebastian Diaz. He is one of those people who seek to get the best out of you and he works every day to be better at what he does. He is a great coach with all the qualities and abilities the position requires but also a fantastic person. He taught me so many things that I will take with me long after my college career. I am thankful to Sebastian, who today I can call my friend."
Dr. Enrique Barreiro - Director of Sports Management
"Sebastian is a graduate from Central Christian College of Kansas, with a degree in Exercise Science. He has a superb comprehension of the human anatomy, kinesiology and physiology. His ability to train in the areas of sport specificity and foundation areas, separate Sebastian from the average coach. Sebastian possesses a great understanding of various sports disciplines, which makes him a great value to any individual that chooses to work with him. He is a well-respected member of the community, works great with all ages, and is man of Christ. I highly recommend him"
Aaron Hoxie - Central Christian College of Kansas Head Coach
"Sebastian is an excellent assistant coach. He is a servant first and foremost, who loves to provide for players who are in need, and to give his knowledge about the game and life to the team. During his duty the team stayed very healthy and possitive. He is humble and always understood his role. He speaks two languages and was able to blend the different cultures on the team so that players would feel comfortable with each other. This was vital in helping our guys become one team. His greatest attribute however, is his character. He is a man of God, who always seeks the Lord’s will for his life. He can be trusted to make the right choice around the players."

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